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The Gates, Central Park, New York, 1979-2005 by Christo and Jeanne-Claude
February 2005

Christo created a marvelous environmental engineering sculpture in NYC.

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pic - The Lake view from Cherry Hiill

pic - The Literary Walk     pic - Columbus Circle overlooked

pic - Literary Walk to Loop     pic - Path to Cherry Hill

pic - Lower Loop west - 59th st

pic - Columbus Circle entrance     pic - Lower Loop east side

pic - Loop     pic - Lower Loop east side

pic - loop west side bet bandshell and  bethesda fountain

The artist mentioned that the gates are not made to be seen from above. The following two pictures were taken from a friend's apartment above the Central Park West. Although they are so beautiful, this is not the point. Overlook view of Central Park is beautiful no matter what. "The Gates " is to be experienced, to be felt.

pic - Lower Loop overlooked from dakota house

pic - Reservoir overlooked

I don't know the artist's intention about the night view. I like Central Park at night. The park becomes mysterious. The saffron drapes are nice in dark.

pic - night view - Feb 15 at 19:58

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Analog world captured by Casio Exilim EX-S2 and FUJIFILM FinePix40i during February 2005.
Updated: February 15th, 2005